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Employment History

Chinese social media marketing
Logo of a client
A top state-owned media

Implemented a marketing campaign that generated millions of impressions online, helping to raise the profile of the brand.

Logo of a client
Logo of a client
A top state-owned online media

Wrote compelling content, reported on news articles that were published on the people's network/newspaper.

Chinese social media marketing
A building
Logo of a client
A top Chinese internet company

Managed Social media account such as WeChat, and Instagram. building strong relationships with customers and driving engagement.

Logo of a client
A top Chinese education company

Maintained a strong brand presence across social media platforms, including Douyin, Wechat, and Weibo.

Chinese digital marketing
Chinese social media agency
Logo of Chinamarketingzl
A boutique social media agency

With a rich background of working in-house for listed companies and collaborating with several agencies, I embarked on a journey to establish my own social media agency dedicated to helping businesses succeed.

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