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St Michel, a famous French biscuit brand since 1905.


In China, they've partnered with Sam's Store.

Sam's Store, a global membership Store, has 34 locations in major Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen (as of 2023),


These clubs strategically serve urban middle and upper-class individuals with premium products and services.


  • Increase brand awareness of St Michel.

  • Showcase St Michel's Petites Galettes, emphasizing a key campaign message.

  • Drive offline sales through Sam's Club in major Chinese cities.


KOL Selection:

  1. Location-Based KOLs: Partner with KOLs in major Chinese cities with Sam's Club stores for easy audience access.

  2. Food & Beverage Niche: Collaborate with culinary KOLs to resonate with our target audience.

  3. Showcasing Experts: Select KOLs with a track record in creating engaging food product content.


Content Creation

  • Image Posts: KOLs will craft visually enticing posts highlighting Petites Galettes' key features, quality, and French heritage.

  • Video Posts: KOLs will create authentic shopping experience videos at Sam's Club, from finding Petites Galettes to savoring them at home, building trust and engagement.


We executed 3 distinct collaborations with St Michel, tailoring each to different budgets and audience sizes, ranging from 30 KOLs to 200 KOLs.


These campaigns featured a diverse mix of KOLs, including:

  • Mega KOLs (over 500k followers) who enhanced the brand image.

  • Small to middle KOLs (10k-100k followers) dedicated to crafting high-quality brand content. 

  • Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs) with thousands of followers played a pivotal role in these campaigns by prioritizing authentic user experiences to generate product buzz.




1.3 M


People reached


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