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Xiaohongshu Consultation

My service is tailored for:

  • Entrepreneur new to Xiaohongshu, seeking efficient solutions, timely insights, and a strategic roadmap.

  • Marketing teams in search of expert assistance for effective Xiaohongshu management.

  • Content creators and coaches aspiring to monetize Xiaohongshu, with a dedicated partner committed to your success.

Initial Consultation Package - $100
  • Duration: 1 Consultation Session (1 hour)

  • Focus: Xiaohongshu Introduction, Basic Strategy

  • Features:

    • Overview of Xiaohongshu's unique features and capabilities.

    • Guidance on selecting the most suitable strategy and platform(s) aligned with your goals.

    • Basic strategy development to kickstart your journey on Xiaohongshu.


Xiaohongshu Immersive Consultation Package - $750
  • Duration: 8 Consultation Sessions (1 hour each), scheduled once a week for 2 months

  • Focus: Immersive Xiaohongshu Insights, Strategic Enhancement, Hands-On Execution

  • Features:

    • Comprehensive insights specifically focused on Xiaohongshu's dynamics.

    • In-depth strategy development aligned with your unique objectives.

    • Ongoing guidance for executing and managing your Xiaohongshu strategy effectively over an extended period.


Xiaohongshu Advanced Consultation Package - $1450
  • Duration: 16 Consultation Sessions (1 hour each), scheduled once a week for 4 months

  • Focus: Comprehensive Xiaohongshu Mastery, Advanced Strategy, Monetization

  • Features:

    • In-depth exploration of Xiaohongshu's advanced features and strategic opportunities.

    • Advanced strategy development with a specific focus on monetization and accelerated growth.

    • Hands-on guidance for executing and optimizing your Xiaohongshu strategy, including advanced monetization tactics, over an extended period.

What Client Say About My Consultation:

"Very knowledgeable and quickly provided actionable consultancy that would have taken hours upon hours of googling to get to on your own. Very good value here. I am a market research professional with a career spanning international consumer brands so that I can assess accurately."


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